4 Tips for Turning Your Hobby Into a Business


When you have a creative hobby, earning a living from your craft can seem like the perfect job. Before you move forward with turning your hobby into a business, though, you need to find ways to make your handmade items a sustainable business while keeping it fun. Start with Pricing Pricing is a difficult topic for anyone who makes items by hand. It is difficult to gauge the value of an item because it is easy for customers to undervalue the time and effort it takes to create a piece.

12 January 2016

3 Issues You Must Overcome When Performing Employment Screenings


When you need to hire some new employees for your business and receive hundreds of applications, where do you begin? Hiring the right individuals is the goal of the process, but this is not the easiest thing to do. As you begin this process, you may run into some issues. Here are three common issues you may face and some tips to help you overcome these. Narrowing Down The Applicants      

8 December 2015

Improve Your Clients' Experience And Optimize Your Health Clinic's Retention Rates


Running a successful health clinic depends on your ability to retain clients so you can maintain a steady work load. Relying on drop-in and one-time clients tends to result in an unstable workflow that can negatively affect your expected profit margins. The key to retaining clients is ensuring that their experience while dealing with your clinic is a positive one from beginning to end. Making your clients happy from the get-go helps ensure that they'll become regular patients – and there is a good chance that many of them will provide your clinic with free advertising in the form of word-of-mouth recommendations.

7 December 2015