4 Signs a B2B Operation Isn't Getting Sufficient Customer Feedback


Getting B2B customer feedback is critical to success in most industries. However, you also need to know that you're obtaining a sufficient amount of it. This means you need to know what the signs are that your organization isn't receiving enough B2B customer satisfaction feedback. Let's look at four ways a company can tell whether it's getting enough.

High Quit Rates

Even if all of your customer feedback data says people are satisfied, results matter. If you're seeing a high quit rate, something is going on. This means customers are terminating their relationships with your company without complaining or offering an explanation.

Bear in mind that the remaining customers may represent a biased sample. Those are folks who like your products or services, and they should be less likely to offer negative feedback. Data and reality can diverge significantly if the data isn't pulling B2B customer feedback from everyone, including businesses that have stopped using your company's products and services.

Uniformity in Feedback Data

Evidence of quality control problems often appears in flat or uniform data. If everyone has the same response, that should strike you as inherently curious. There is a good chance the current feedback system isn't asking sufficiently probing questions if opinions rarely differ. Take it as a sign something is amiss and see if you can determine what might be wrong by using a different approach.

Low Response Rates

Folks in the business world should be receptive to the need for feedback. If they're not quick to provide feedback, that could be a problem. Some may need your products or services but do not want to get into concerns they have. Also, they may consider good enough to be good enough.

It isn't a great sign if people merely tolerate a company's offerings. They may act out this dispassion by failing to respond to feedback requests.

No Improvement

Even the best business should have room for improvement. If you're not able to identify ways to improve, there could be a problem with your B2B customer feedback. An organization that's not asking the right questions, for example, may not get the necessary answers. Similarly, an organization needs as much feedback as possible, a particular challenge if a company only has a handful of customers.

You may have to be deliberate in your efforts to solicit feedback. Fortunately, your customers are fellow business operators so they should be comfortable with an overt request. Be direct and let them know you want good information about B2B customer satisfaction feedback so you can improve things for their benefit.


6 July 2022

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