What DUI Classes Often Include


If you were convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), you may have been ordered to attend DUI classes. These classes are intended to help you become a more responsible driver and recognize the seriousness of your actions behind the wheel. Attending these classes may even help you get your license reinstated or your driving restrictions reduced. Here are some of the subjects that are often covered in DUI classes.

How Drugs and Alcohol Interfere with Driving Ability

You may learn some of the specific ways that substances can affect your ability to drive safely. Alcohol and other drugs often inhibit the ability to see clearly, and the instructor who leads your classes can inform you of how these substances can affect both your center of gaze and peripheral vision. Your DUI classes will also likely cover how drugs and alcohol can impair your reaction times and the ability to make sound decisions.

Legal Limits

Following a DUI conviction, you may still not know the exact legal limit of alcohol consumption in your area. DUI classes can clear up any confusion over what the legal limit is so that you can take better measures to remain under the limit before you get behind the wheel. You will also learn about how your age, gender, and body type can be factors in how quickly you exceed the legal limit when drinking alcohol.

Legal Consequence of a DUI

Even though you may have been convicted of a DUI, you still might not know the full extent of legal consequences that you could face with repeated offenses. These consequences may include a permanent loss of your driver's license, extensive jail time, and hefty legal fines. You will have the chance to learn about these and other possible consequences of driving under the influence while taking your classes.

Additional Counseling

Extra counseling may be part of your DUI classes so that you can receive additional support that could help you avoid future DUI charges. This counseling can also help you address any substance abuse problems that you may have and lead you to additional resources that could make overcoming an addiction easier. If drug or alcohol rehabilitation treatment is needed, a DUI counselor can give you information on the available treatment programs.

DUI classes can offer you tools that are needed to reduce your chances of any future violations. Taking these DUI classes can help you get on the right track and give you access to useful information that allows you to make more responsible decisions that impact your ability to operate a vehicle safely. Contact a DUI class for more information. 


13 October 2020

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