Three Signs Your Small Business Needs Professional Human Resources Help


To say that a small business owner has to multi-task is an understatement. While business owners often do an impressive job at managing their operations, there are certain areas where it's essential to bring in a professional who has expertise. One of these areas is human resources. Even if you think you have everything under control, there are some telltale signs that might indicate otherwise; learn how to spot them.

Case-by-Case Polices

When there is an issue with one of your staff members, there should be a clear handbook that you and the employee should be able to reference to determine what to do next. If there is a problem, such as an employee who is frequently late or a dispute between two staff members, and you decide how you will react to the matter on a case-by-case situation, it's not okay. 

This type of behavior is an invitation for a discrimination lawsuit should one employee feel they were treated unfairly compared to another. An HR consultant will help you develop a detailed handbook to handle all employee-related matters. 

Tax Penalties

If you've received a notice from the IRS with a tax penalty because you did not properly classify your employees, it's a clear sign you could use some extra help. Every person that works for a company must be classified as either an employee or an independent contractor. 

How a person is classified depends on their work schedule, how they're paid, the types of benefits they receive, and a few other factors. With an employee, it's your obligation to withhold a certain amount of taxes from their check, but with an independent contractor, it's not the case. If you label a person that should be an employee as an independent contractor and don't withhold taxes, you could face a penalty. HR professionals don't handle tax matters, but they do ensure all workers are classified correctly. 

No Performance Records

All employees are expected to perform within the standards of their roles, and if they don't, you have every right to terminate their employment as a result. Performance reviews are especially important for determining which employees are underperforming, as well as which ones are performing above your expectations to help you determine which employees deserve to be promoted.

If you don't have performance records on hand for your staff, you can't accurately monitor their progress. An HR consultant cannot only help you develop these records, but also help you with the review process. 

Do you recognize these issues with your business? Don't ignore them. Contact a company like Troy Benefits Consulting for more information.


9 December 2019

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